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Installing On Your Computer

Alternatively, if you install this on your own machine (see below), you can initalize the interactive menu by running the following command from a terminal/shell: generative-poetry-cli


Because this library currently relies on the Python package hunspell, which does not support Windows, use Docker to launch a Linux-based container, then use pip to install, and enter the Python interactive shell within:

docker run -t -d python python3 -m pip install generativepoetry && python3


OSX users must install hunspell beforehand:

brew install hunspell

Then download the en_US dictionary from http://wordlist.aspell.net/dicts/ and unzip it to /Library/Spelling/ and install using pip:

python3 -m pip install generativepoetry

You will also need Microsoft’s core font TTF files in /Library/Fonts/.


Ubuntu/Debian users should install hunspell-en-us, libhunspell-dev, and libdb++-dev beforehand and then install with pip:

sudo apt-get install hunspell-en-us libhunspell-dev libdb++-dev
python3 -m pip install generativepoetry